What Is “Camera Massage?” ⁠— How K-Pop Celebrities Get Prettier Without Doing Anything Drastic

No surgery needed!

You may have heard of the term “camera massage” from time to time on variety shows, interviews, or news forums. The term is full Konglish but doesn’t seem to make sense in English. Just what does “camera massage” mean?

No, it doesn’t mean simply getting a massage to look prettier on camera! Many aspects go into it. But the most general way of explaining it is when someone is on camera frequently enough to monitor how they appear on screen and slowly improve their looks. YouTuber and former Crayon Pop member Way, once talked about it on her channel.

Way provides four main ways that she used to look prettier. Firstly, skincare and teeth whitening. Next, fixing facial symmetry through makeup, correcting bad habits, and non-invasive procedures such as botox to loosen muscles. Lastly, fixing your posture and managing bloating.

All of the commonalities in these methods point to Way noticing them through the camera. As celebrities’ experience in the field increases, they can know what looks best on them. Be it makeup, hair, or styling, they generally look better with each comeback. Let’s take a look at aespa‘s Giselle during her debut and during a recent event.

In her debut music video, she had near-neon lips and unflattering pink-blond hair.

A few years later, she looks better in black hair and cool-toned makeup. She lost some baby fat and cut bangs too, which flatters her face more. Overall, her face shape or nose did not change, but she looks way prettier.

Another former idol-turned-YouTuber, Mincarong, recommends recording yourself as much as possible using a camera so that you can take note of your habits and looks. The most important thing is to use the back camera of your phone or a camera set-up, so it is the most accurately reflected without angles. She recommends things such as fixing the way you smile or laugh, only using one side of your face, and doing lifting massages.

Through consistent monitoring, you can get prettier bit by bit!

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