This Is The Camera Red Velvet’s Seulgi Used During The Group’s Switzerland Trip

It’s affordable and takes great pictures!

Red Velvet visited Switzerland earlier this month as tourism ambassadors for the country. The girls all seemed to have enjoyed their time there, despite a run-in with aggressive paparazzi. All the girls have been sharing pictures of the trip to their personal Instagram accounts, so of course, Seulgi is no exception!

Seulgi was seen taking photos using a Pentax Espio 120SW ii camera. The camera, which was originally released in 2001, is a point-and-shoot camera that uses 35mm film. Featuring an aluminum body and sleek design, it is known for taking SLR quality photographs despite being perfect for beginners.

Although the camera is no longer in production, fans who may be inspired by Seulgi to give it a try will be relieved to know that they are available second-hand online, with most going for under $100 (USD).

Red Velvet