Cameras Caught BTS’s Jungkook Looking Terrified To Sit Next To IU Alone

Jungkook? Did you mean “Jungshook”?

Over the years, BTS‘s Jungkook has many IU fanboy moments, but this hilariously awkward encounter might be the best one yet.


The interaction (or lack of interaction) went down at 2017 MAMA, when BTS were taking their seats in the audience. At first, the members weren’t sure where to sit or which order to sit in.


As BTS’s leader, RM set an example by choosing his seat first. He slid onto the bench nonchalantly because, for RM, sitting next to pretty women is no big deal.

Little did he know that, behind him, Jungkook was on the verge of having a fanboy panic attack.

RM might be smooth AF, but the same can’t be said for BTS’s “international playboy”. As soon as Jungkook realized he might have to sit next to IU he transformed into his alter-ego, “Jungshook”.


J-Hope tried to convince Jungkook to sit by his long-time crush (aka the most intimidating person on the planet) but that so wasn’t happening.

V looked from IU to Jungkook with a knowing smile.


Suga didn’t seem to care where he was sitting, as long as he was sitting somewhere. He basically told the others to stop messing around and pick a seat already.


When Jungkook refused to budge, Suga got RM’s attention and asked him to slide over.


RM looked like “you’ve got to be kidding me”…


…but he took pity on the petrified maknae…


…and made room.


Thanks to RM, Jungkook’s crisis was averted…


…but it took him a while to relax!


For Jungkook, IU is like the sun; he can’t look directly at her without risking serious damage. When she was called to the stage for an award, he secretly watched her walk away without blinking.


Maybe one day, Jungkook will finally be able to sit near IU without turning into the world’s biggest dork…

IU’s fanboy senses are tingling.


…but until then, he’ll just keep admiring her from afar!


Watch the whole moment below:


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