Can You Guess Which BTS Song Jin Resonates With The Most?

Which one do you think it is? 🤔

BTS has tons of songs, but there’s one in particular that really resonates with Jin.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Since their debut, BTS has put out a HUGE variety of songs! They’ve written songs about the struggles and pressure young people face, their own emotions, and everything in between—including funny songs!


Among BTS’s discography, there’s one song that stands out the most to Jin. Can you guess what it is?

| Vogue Korea

Here’s a hint: It was released in 2016.

| GQ Korea

It was included on their album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.


Okay, here’s a huge hint: The song is also known for its very intense choreography.


If you guessed “Fire,” you are correct!

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In an interview with GQ, Jin explained why “Fire” resonated with him the most. He said, “The words ‘live as you please’ really spoke to me. It made me realise that those who hate me will hate me regardless of what I do, but those who love me will stay by my side.”

| Vogue Korea

Looks like this song about living life on your own terms resonates with Jin just as much as it does with ARMYs!

Source: GQ