Can You Guess Who The K-Pop Idols Are In This Fan’s Drawings

Your hints are: “It’s a guy from a guy group” and “It’s a girl from a girl group.” Good luck!

YouTuber Edvasian revealed that he’s been sending fan art to K-Pop idols, but alas, has yet to receive a reply. After being told his drawings don’t look like the K-Pop idols they were intended to be, he invited his friends on his channel to see if they would be able to guess who the idols were—after all, if they can guess, then surely the idols should know. 😉

Are you ready to play? Here we go!

Can you tell who this idol is?

The red suit is a big hint!

It’s EXO‘s Kai!

Ready for round two? (Neither are we! 😂)

Edvasion’s friends guessed this one pretty quickly…

Did you give up?

It’s Red Velvet‘s Irene!

In contrast to how quickly his friends were able to guess the previous idol, this one took a big hint to help figure out who the drawing was of.

“This idol is known for a lot of different hair styles, and he changes his look quite often, but he pulls it off.”


His friend Haemee reluctantly guesses it’s G-Dragon from BIG BANG. When he says she’s right, Stefany demands to know what his reference picture was. (It’s a question that weighs heavily on everyone’s mind as we stare at this drawing…)

Well, moving on… Can you guess who this idol is?

If you guessed RM from BTS, you’d be correct!

This next one is relatively easy compared to his previous drawings, thanks to a handy prop he included in his doodle.

It took everyone in his video just one guess to get it right. It’s HyunA!

Don’t BLINK and you might be able to guess who this drawing is of…

It’s BLACKPINK‘S Jennie!

Were you able to guess all six idols correctly?

If you enjoyed playing this game, there are quite a few more drawings in his video (starting roughly from the 5:30 mark) to guess! If you’re able to identify them all, pat yourself on the back because you must be a K-Pop super fan!