We Can’t Get Enough Of The Friendship Between SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and PENTAGON’s Kino

How can you not love such supportive besties?

It’s long been known that Vernon of SEVENTEEN and Kino of PENTAGON have been close friends for years. Both born in 1998, they are both part of the project group M.O.L.A and are even good enough buddies to go on vacation together.

They also show tons of support for each other in their musical endeavors! When Vernon dropped his solo mixtape “Bands Boy” in November 2021, Kino posted a supportive Tweet about it on the PENTAGON official Twitter account.

Likewise, when PENTAGON released their newest title “Feelin’ Like,” Vernon also posted it on his Instagram story!

That’s not all, though! They have also routinely participated in dance challenges together promoting the groups’ new songs. For example, Vernon joined Kino for the “Daisy” challenge in 2020.

@official_ptg @seventeen17_official #데이지챌린지🌼#Daisy_Challenge🌼#펜곤 #PENTAGON#키노 #KINO ♬ Daisy – PENTAGON

He also did one for “Feelin’ Like,” of course!

@official_ptg 버논이랑 오랜만에 챌린지존🔥 (@SEVENTEEN)쉬운 #Feelin_Like_Challenge #PENTAGON #펜타곤#KINO #노 #SEVENTEEN #븐틴 #논 #린라이크챌린지#Feelin_Like ♬ Feelin’ Like – PENTAGON

Things wouldn’t be complete, though, without Kino’s “Left & Right” dance challenge!

As time passes, they’re sure to keep getting along. We can only hope to someday have besties as supportive as Vernon and Kino!

Source: @official_ptg