This CARAT Made SEVENTEEN’s The8 Laugh So Hard Jun Got Confused

This phone case has the power to make anyone’s day!

Fans always make sure to welcome their favorite idols in the airport when they arrive and send them off when they leave.

While in the airport, SEVENTEEN‘s The8 suddenly started laughing hysterically.

The reason for his immense happiness was because of a CARAT who was taking a video of them. The fan was using a phone case with Jun‘s photo on it, and laughed because of it!

It isn’t just any photo of Jun, but a photo he purposely took of himself being silly!

The8 saw the fan’s phone case and couldn’t hide his amusement over it! He called Jun’s attention and pointed out the phone case to him, but Jun was just confused!

Jun’s reaction made the whole thing funnier!

The group’s manager also saw the fan’s phone case and couldn’t help but smile because of it! This phone case really spreads happiness!