Carats Become Extra-Wide Awake After Listening To SEVENTEEN’s “Lullaby From Hell”

“Do they even know what a lullaby means…?”

In the latest “LieV” live broadcast with SEVENTEEN, Carats got to spend some quality time with the members before heading off to bed.


And in the process of trying to get Carats to fall asleep, SEVENTEEN gave it their best shot to sing a sweet lullaby…


… which, unfortunately, turned into a rock-opera-rap remix — more than hyper enough to wake up Carats and their neighbors.


Carats have nicknamed this SEVENTEEN’s “Lullaby from Hell” and are cracking up at the boys’ epic failure to come anywhere close to soothing and relaxing! What were Carats expecting though…? They know all too well that this is SEVENTEEN on a daily basis:


Listen to SEVENTEEN’s hell-raised lullaby here: