CARATs Joked About Getting SEVENTEEN’s The8 To Model For BMW And It Ended Up Really Happening

What CARATs want CARATs get!

Car brand BMW has been releasing a series of cars known as “BMW 8 Series Coupé” or “The 8.” BMW recently released a car under the model name “BMW8,” which is a part of the automotive brand’s “The 8” series, which also happens to be SEVENTEEN‘s The8‘s stage name.

When BMW released photos of “The 8” months ago, CARATs started joking that SEVENTEEN member The8 should model for it for the namesake purposes!

Months later, and SEVENTEEN’s The8 posted photos of himself sitting down in a BMW8 car and modeling for the car who’s name is the same as his!

The8 looks absolutely glamorous, classy, and chic in his new pictorial with the automotive brand!

CARATs are obviously on cloud 9 because their dreams of having The8 model for the car model have turned into a reality! What CARATs want, CARATs get!

CARATs are immensely excited for what’s ahead of The8’s career!

Check out The8’s Tweet below: