CARATs Trend #WeLoveYouSCOUPS After Announcement Of Hiatus

Get well soon S.coups!

It was recently announced that SEVENTEEN‘s S.coups will take a break from his group’s schedules due to the manifestation of anxiety symptoms.

CARATs were quick to trend hashtags aimed to make feel their leader better. The hashtags #WeLoveYouSCOUPS and #GetWellSoonSCoups both trended worldwide after Pledis Entertainment released the statement.

CARATs poured out their love for S.coups with multiple tweets that assure the idol that they will be waiting for him until he regains his strength, and that he should take all the time that he needs.

Fans are also glad and are feeling thankful towards the entertainment company for taking this step and effort to take care of the idol and prioritize his health.