CARATs Try To Save SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu After He Gets Lost At US Airport

“I hope he ended up finding his way out of the airport, lol.”

When SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu landed in LA for what was supposed to be a chill, low-key trip, he probably didn’t expect to get a mini adventure right at the airport. But that’s exactly what happened, and it’s all thanks to a couple of eagle-eyed CARATs (SEVENTEEN fans) who were at the right place at the right time.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram

Mingyu, towering and effortlessly cool, was first spotted at the escalators. Fans couldn’t resist capturing the moment and even approached him to wish him a fun time in LA. Respectfully, Mingyu asked not to be filmed, hinting he was on a personal trip without his usual entourage. The fans got the message, pocketing their phones and leaving the camera work behind.

But the real twist came at the baggage claim and, later, outside. LAX, notorious for its unique ride-sharing rules, seemed to have Mingyu stumped. You can’t just hop into an Uber at the curb like in most places — you’ve got to catch a shuttle to a special parking lot, something Mingyu was visibly puzzled about. And to be honest, most people would be.

mingyu lax

Seeing Mingyu a bit lost, the same fans who had a brief encounter with him earlier decided to step in—this time, making sure their phones weren’t part of the interaction. The fans took the time to explain the whole fiasco.

We told him upfront that we weren’t going to film him and that we just wanted to tell him you can’t get an Uber at LAX so he has to take a shuttle bus first. He understood after we explained for a while.

— Fan on Threads

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They broke it down for him: no direct Uber pickups at LAX — it’s the shuttle bus first, then the ride. Even a passerby chimed in, confirming the fans’ directions. However, according to the fans, Mingyu still seemed confused. He even double-checked what the fans meant by asking about “the bus???”

| @min9yu_k/Instagram 

Thankfully, the fans shared that Mingyu had eventually found his ride, and the fans said their goodbyes, hoping their idol would navigate the rest of his LA trip with ease.

 At the end, we got on the shuttle bus but it seemed like he hadn’t left yet. I hope he ended up finding his way out of the airport, lol.

— Fan on Threads

| @min9yu_k/Instagram

This unexpected airport assist goes to show the cool, sometimes quirky interactions between K-Pop idols and their fans. It wasn’t about getting selfies or autographs — it was about helping out someone in a confusing spot, even if that someone happened to be a star like Mingyu. It’s a little reminder that behind the scenes, idols and fans share pretty normal, human moments — like figuring out how to get out of one of the world’s busiest airports.

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