In Case You’re Wondering, This Is What MONSTA X’s Wonho Smells Like

It suits him so well.

During their ELLE “Ask Me Anything” interview, MONSTA X‘s Shownu and Wonho talked about their favorite perfumes and scents. In doing so, Wonho revealed his favorite fragrance at the moment – and fans can almost smell him!


Wonho explained that he is generally interested in fragrances. But when he is on tour, he definitely tries to have a bottle of his favorite perfume with him so he can smell good and feel good!


His current choice of scent is TOM FORD’s “Fucking Fabulous”. He showed the bottle to the camera, like a veteran YouTuber reviewing his perfume too, and said he carries it around so much that the bottle looks old!

It’s kind of dirty because it’s rolling around in my bag all the time.

— Wonho


Wonho shared that he likes to spritz himself with TOM FORD before going on stage – or even before he goes to bed, because he likes having the scent linger around him all day and all night. That’s to say, Wonho must smell as amazing as he looks all the time!


According to the brand, Wonho’s favorite “Fucking Fabulous” scent has hints of sage, fresh lavender, bitter almond, vanilla, and most dominantly, leather. The perfume is said to have “a confident expression of pure luxury” – and Monbebes can’t believe how well the description fits Wonho as well!


Watch the full clip here:

Source: Neiman Marcus