The Cast Of “Goblin” Dance To TWICE’s “TT”

On Goblin‘s special behind-the-scenes episode aired on February 3, Cho Woo Jin and Lee Dong Wook danced to TWICE‘s “TT“, and their efforts are adorable.

Due to Goblin‘s immense popularity, tvN decided to air a special Goblin extras episode where Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook were invited as hosts to “summon the goblins” and air extra behind-the-scenes cuts as well as to check up on the cast after the show ended.

One of the most memorable moments in the episode aired February 3 was when Secretary Kim (played by Cho Woo Jin) danced to TWICE’s “TT”, where he shocked everyone with his amazing ability to perform the choreography perfectly, complete with his facial expressions.

He ended the performance by going back in to his serious and reserved character, and formally stated, “You have just seen how extreme the job of Secretary Kim is” followed by a finger heart and wink towards the camera. Once he asked if they had got it all on film, he doubled over on a table and hid his face in embarrassment.

Upon seeing his dance, Yoo In Na couldn’t stop smiling at how adorable his performance was, and Lee Dong Wook tried to copy the dance and perfect it himself. He then praised Secretary Kim’s formal statement after the performance, and commended his charisma.

However, the upbeat atmosphere provided by Secretary’s Kim performance didn’t end there. Yoo In Na then asked Lee Dong Wook to show the audience his dancing skills, to which Lee Dong Wook enthusiastically fulfilled her request, resulting in her applaud and laughter.

Check out their cute performance to “TT” below!