The Cast Of “Mouse” Say Their Goodbyes And Reveal Their Favorite Scenes

“I think it will remain a special series.”

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With tvN’s Mouse coming to a close, the cast has said their goodbyes and shared their experience while filming (including their favorite scenes)!

Lee Seung Gi, who played the two-faced Jung Ba Reum, was relieved that the viewers loved his first villain role.

Jung Ba Reum was the first villain of my entire acting career and I’m extremely relieved that viewers loved my performance without feeling turned off by this new side. I worked hard during filming as I was motivated by people’s love of Mouse.

—Lee Seung Gi

He continued by saying that he thinks Mouse will remain a special series as he worked with many talented people. He also shared a message with fans, “I hope that the viewers will persevere a bit longer during these difficult times and that we can have better days together.

When asked to name his favorite scene, Seung Gi chose when Jung Ba Reum sends an angry prayer to God after murdering the priest Go Moo Won (Kim Young Jae). Specifically, he favored the line, “I begged you to stop me from becoming a monster.

Lee Seung Gi | tvN


Lee Hee Joon, who took the role of Go Moo Chi, admitted that he struggled with his role due to how emotional it was.

It definitely wasn’t an easy character to play. It was to the point where I wonder if any role I’ve ever played was this painful and difficult. I’m grateful people showed so much love and support for Go Moo Chi. There were a lot of action scenes, a lot of crying scenes, and a lot of scenes that were physically and emotionally demanding.

—Lee Hee Joon

He continued by saying that the cast and crew really helped him successfully finish the role. When asked about his favorite scenes, he chose all of the scenes where his character said things to Choi Hong Joo (a character his character really likes) that he doesn’t actually mean. He said he wishes Go Moo Chi could express how he feels but finds it admirable how he protects the people he loves in his own way.

Lee Hee Joon | tvN


Park Ju Hyun, who played the role of Oh Bong Yi, shared just how much she will miss the series.

I was grateful that people loved Mouse, and I was happy to have worked together with such great actors. It was a precious time for me. I acted in every scene with sincerity, and I really enjoyed filming. Because we spent a long time filming, I think I’m going to miss this series a lot.

—Park Ju Hyun

For her favorite scene, Park Ju Hyun chose when Oh Bong Yi thinks Jung Ba Reum is suspicious after seeing the scar on his arm. She said she loved portraying tension between the two characters hugging while thinking different things. It was a scene that changed Bong Yi’s life.

Park Ju Hyun | tvN


Kyung Soo Jin, who played Choi Hong Joo, also shared how much she appreciated the amazing cast and crew. She had a lot of fun working on the set and was thankful the viewers loved it a lot.

For her favorite scene, she said that it was in episode 19 when Hong Joo holds her mom’s hand and cries. Since it was the first time her character called her mom and held her hand as an adult, Hong Joo felt it was truly moving and also tricky to act.

Kyung Soo Jin | tvN


Finally, the producers were incredibly grateful for the cast’s amazing performances and passion for the project.

The series was so high-quality due to the entire cast throwing themselves into their roles without holding back and passionately pouring their bodies and souls into acting. We give them our deepest thanks.

Mouse Producers

Source: iMBC