The Behind Story of NCT’s Jaemin Casting Will Make You Smile

The world needs more people like him!

All idols have interesting stories behind their casting but NCT Jaemin‘s story is a bit more special.

Jaemin revealed he was approached by SM Entertainment‘s officials when he was volunteering with his mom at an event.

“While I was in Incheon, I was handing out posters and collecting trash as a volunteer, and that was when the officials from SM noticed me.”

It is rumored his mom immediately sent him to SM for the audition because Jaemin didn’t have much talent in the studying department.

Since he shared the episode, Jaemin earned the nickname, “봉캐”, which translates to “Volunteer Casting”.

Jaemin continues to volunteer in various projects in between his busy schedule as NCT.

Fans are calling Jaemin a true angel and commenting, “You are making me your biggest fan all over again”, “You were born to be an idol”, and “You are perfect”.



Source: Instiz