Cha Eunwoo Shed Tears And Apologized To AROHA… Because Of His Skin

Please don’t cry!

During ASTRO’s 2nd Astroad concert on December 23, 2018, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo began to tear up as he apologized to his fans. He explained that he was undergoing a lot of stress from the company’s internal struggles.

Honestly, at the time, many of the managers and executives that I’ve worked with for years left the company.

It was difficult… even though its past news… to withstand the burden by myself. I’m happy now.

— Cha Eunwoo

He then shed more tears as he struggled to get out an apology to his fans. But the apology shocked fans as he actually apologized for letting his skin troubles get worse!

I faced a lot of hardships internally and externally, and there were a lot of difficult days, so my skin too…

As a celebrity, self-care is… I’m upset and apologetic for many things.

— Cha Eunwoo


Cha Eunwoo referred to the news reports that commented on his skin becoming worse. Famous for his smooth, clear skin , netizens continually commented how his face had “completely overturned”.


Despite Cha Eunwoo feeling sorry towards the fans, the fans roared in union claiming that he had nothing to be apologetic about. They screamed out supportive chants, such as ‘It’s okay!‘, ‘You did well!‘, ‘Don’t cry!‘.


Thanks to the fans’ cheers, Cha Eunwoo soon brightened up as he thanked the fans for coming to spend the day with the members!

Although there were so many things that happened, I’m very happy that I’m able to hold a concert with everyone at the end of this year.

— Cha Eunwoo