Chaeyeon and Somi Reunite After I.O.I’s Disbandment

Somi and DIA‘s Chaeyeon reunited on their way to Music Bank, and their reaction to seeing each other is just too cute.

Somi and Chaeyeon became close while training and competing together in Mnet’s reality survival show Produce 101 and that friendship was cemented during their promotions together as part of I.O.I. 

After I.O.I disbanded, the girls couldn’t spend much time together, but they still kept in touch via a group chatroom on Kakaotalk. So when the pair were on the way to appear on KBS’ Music Bank, they showed just how much they had missed each other, as Chaeyeon immediately began running towards Somi after spotting her.

They were both clearly overjoyed to finally have a chance to see each other again!

Check out their adorable reunion below!

Chaeyeon runs up to Somi with child-like excitement.

Chaeyeon even gives Somi’s butt a few taps to express how happy she is to see her!

Source: Dispatch