Chaeyeon’s Instagram Story Gets Deleted For “Harassment And Bullying”

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Recently, former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon posted an Instagram story online, only to have it deleted due to Instagram’s community guidelines. In her story, she posted a photo of herself and her friend in the dance practice room.

| @chaestival_/Instagram

My friend is the little bean. How to learn choreography using mirror mode. Use a real mirror.

Not long after, her story got deleted, leaving both Chaeyeon and fans confused. She later posted a screenshot of the notification she received from Instagram with the caption, “Huh..?”

| @chaestival_/Instagram

The screenshot revealed that she had violated the community guidelines and that her story had been deleted due to harassment or bullying. 

Netizens that saw this were shocked to see her post deleted because of this reason.

  • “How does this have anything to do with harassment or abuse?”
  • “Are they crazy for real? Wow…”
  • “Is it even possible to delete a post for reporting something like this?”
  • “I can’t believe Instagram listened after people reported her gesture.”

Previously, multiple South Korean companies removed advertisements due to a hand gesture that deemed offensive to South Korean men’s rights groups.

Source: theqoo