Channel A Reveals Silhouettes Of Celebrities Involved In Hidden Camera Chatroom

Netizens have been trying to puzzle together their identities.

As more bombshells continue to be dropped in the Burning Sun Case, Channel A News has recently revealed the silhouettes of celebrities who are allegedly involved in the hidden camera chatroom.


It was recently reported that Seungri and 2 other male singers along with Yuri Holdings CEO Mr. Yoo, Seungri’s acquaintance Mr. Kim, an unnamed entertainment company employee, and 2 other people shared illegally filmed hidden camera videos of women who were secretly filmed via chatroom correspondence.


Channel A News has revealed silhouettes of the alleged celebrities during a recent broadcast and netizens have been trying to guess who they are. So far they have matched up photos of “Celebrity A”…


With singer Jung Joong Young.


Jung Joong Young was recently reported to be one of the celebrities involved in the chatroom.


They also think they’ve matched up “Celebrity B”‘s blurry photo…


With FTISLAND‘s Choi Jonghoon. Currently, there has been no confirmation that he is being investigated in relation to the incident at all.


With these silhouettes, netizens continue to question who is involved in this ongoing case as more and more information gets uncovered.

Source: Instiz