Cheated-On Wife Gets The Shock Of Her Life After Discovering Her Husband’s 2nd Biggest Secret

What would you do in this situation?

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is a quote proven accurate repeatedly, something a cheated-on housewife recently showed after discovering her husband’s second-largest secret.

A woman in China named Ci Huang discovered that her husband of 27 years, Xing Huang, had been cheating on her for around five years.

| Sandy Miller/Unsplash

While the betrayal of a partner is truly heartbreaking, Mrs. Huang discovered something that only served to enrage her further. Not only was Mr. Huang’s affair partner much younger, but he had given her a whopping 4.6 million dollars.

The mistress, now 31-year-old Danni Zhu, purchased a house in Canada with some of the funds.

The house purchased by Ms. Zhu | Arlen Redekop/PNG

In January 2023, Mrs. Huang filed a lawsuit in China requesting the return of the almost 25 million yuan her husband had gifted, and the court decided in her favor.

According to the court, Ms. Zhu was given ten days to pay the amount back but has yet to do so.

B.C. Supreme Court | Vancouver Sun

Mrs. Huang has since brought the matter to the B.C Supreme Court, where she has claimed that a large portion of the funds were from her and the couple’s joint account.

She is now seeking rights to the proceeds of a future sale of the house, with Ms. Zhu claiming she was unaware of how the money was transferred.

Whether Ms. Zhu knowingly participated in Mr. Huang’s unlawful conversion of the funds is immaterial as she benefited from [them].

— Mrs. Huang’s claim

According to the latest updates, the court will decide the matter.