All About The “Cherry Peace”, A New Trending Photo Pose Amongst Idols

Will you be trying this pose?

You’ve probably heard of the famous “gyaru peace” pose that was trending earlier in 2022. The pose was made famous in the K-Pop world by IVE‘s Rei, who was inspired by the poses that many Japanese gals did. Later on, the trend spread across K-Pop idols.

IVE Rei and her gyaru peace. | theqoo

Now, there’s a new type of “peace” pose in town! Enter the “cherry peace“! It is called the “cherry peace” for very simple reasons. The two fingers in a V look like the stalk of a cherry.

You can do the pose with a friend to look even more like a cherry pair…

STAYC‘s Yoon and Isa demonstrating. | V Live

Or you can simply do it by yourself like WEi‘s Yohan.

It looked adorable when CLASSy‘s Boeun and Riwon did it.

You can lift one finger off the head like Yohan did above, or simply rest both fingers on your head like MONSTA X‘s Kihyun.

The pose makes one look fresh and cute, like a cherry! Check out Stray KidsSeungmin and Felix doing the pose.

It is said that the origin of the pose was girl group Billlie! Their song with Yoon Jong Shin, “Patbingsu,” had the lyric “cherry” in it. The choreography then included the pose. Later on, fans kept asking idols to recreate it, resulting in the “cherry peace” pose. Check out the original below.