From Child Actress To K-Pop Star: X:IN’s Aria Reveals The K-Pop Song That Changed The Trajectory Of Her Career

“I got hooked… I was like, maybe this is something I could try.”

Aria recently made her debut in X:IN, a multinational group under ESCROW Entertainment. Before making her debut as a K-Pop idol, Aria began her career in entertainment as a child actress until discovering a K-Pop song changed everything.

X:IN’s Aria | @x.in_official/Instagram

Aria was born in Kerala, India, and when she was a child, she appeared in TV shows, commercials, and a few movies, including the Malayalam Film Melvilasom.

Aria (left) in a promotional poster for the film, “Melvilasom.”

Aria revealed that through acting, she realized she really enjoyed being in front of the camera, leading her to continue a career in entertainment.

Growing up, she naturally found comfort in music and shared that she was first exposed to K-Pop in middle school when she was captivated by a music video on TV.

Aria shared that the music and dance caught her attention, and she had to know more.

I was so curious, I looked them up, and then I got hooked into, like, K-Pop. I got really, really into K-Pop, and then I was like, maybe this is something I could try.

— X:IN’s Aria

After high school, Aria began to audition in the hopes of becoming a K-Pop idol. Fortunately, she passed her audition, making her debut after six months of being a trainee.

The K-Pop song and group she stumbled upon was her inspiration for becoming a K-Pop idol, and it’s no surprise that the life-changing moment came from none other than global phenom group, BTS.

Aria shared that the song was BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears,” and it led her toward the journey of becoming a K-Pop idol!

The talented X:IN member continues to work hard to show the best side of herself on stage. Check out more on Aria’s K-Pop journey in the article below!

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