X:IN’s Aria Addresses Fans’ Concerns That She Has Too Few Lines In Their Songs

She explains why she opted out of taking more lines.

Rookie group X:IN is currently promoting their debut single, “Keeping The Fire,” after releasing a pre-debut track, “Who Am I?” in March.

(From left:) X:IN’s Chi.U, Aria, Roa, E.Sha, and Nova | @x.in_official/Instagram

The group’s five members were all previously in the line-up for GBK Entertainment‘s pre-debut group MEP-C before their profiles were removed earlier this year, and the company confirmed they chose to terminate their contracts.

Shortly afterward, they were announced as members of X:IN, a multi-national K-Pop girl group under ESCROW Entertainment.

Member Aria recently interviewed with KOREA NOW, the official English YouTube channel of Yonhap News, and opened up about moving from India to Korea to become a K-Pop idol.

Aria was born in Kerala, India, and revealed that she moved to Korea only “six or seven months ago.

X:IN’s Aria | @x.in_official/Instagram

Aria trained for only six months before making her debut, revealing that catching up with the other trainees was challenging, but she feels like she has now.

Before debuting as a K-Pop idol, she was a child actress in India. She shared that a movie she was in, Melvilasom, has recently received renewed interest, leading people to discover her new career path.

She already has a dedicated fanbase behind her, and she shared that her parents are her biggest supporters.

During the interview, she was asked about her feelings toward fans’ disappointment that she has too few lines in X:IN’s songs and Aria had a mature and thoughtful response.

Aria shared that she couldn’t help feeling disappointed herself, but it was actually a decision she agreed with.

Because the first song was recorded only a month after she moved to Korea, she didn’t want to “mess up by taking a huge amount of parts” in the song. Instead, she left the responsibility to the members who had trained longer.

Now that she’s had more training, she hopes to take on more lines in the future and asked fans to look forward to their next release.

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