Half-Korean Child Model Gains Attention For Looking Exactly Like NCT Dream’s Jeno

We can’t unsee it.

A young model of mixed descent has been making rounds on social media lately for his stunning good looks. Not only was he blessed with the genetic lottery, he looks uncannily similar to NCT‘s Jeno. Every single social media post on his parent-run Instagram is peppered with compliments for his looks.

Named Logan, he’s half-Korean. It was not made public where the other half of his roots stem from. Logan currently schools in South Korea and is 13 years old! Here’s 5 moments where he reminded us so much of Jeno.

1. Side profile

They have similar jawlines and sleepy eyes.

| @logan11vincent/Instagram

Jeno’s face shape is a little longer but the similarities are apparent.

2. Headband

Logan sported a headband during a shoot for Hazzy’s.

| @logan11vincent/Instagram

In his early debut days, Jeno also wore a headband for a music video.

3. Casual ‘fits

Logan unleashed his boyish charms in a casual outfit…

| @logan11vincent/Instagram

…and so did Jeno.

4. Hoodie

The two have very similar “smiley lips” in a perfect cupid’s bow!

They also have the same bushy brows. Logan’s double eyelids are a little more pronounced than Jeno’s though.

| @logan11vincent/Instagram

5. Cat butlers

The similarities don’t just end at their looks. Logan also rears cats in his family home.

| @logan11vincent/Instagram

Jeno is known to have three cats with his family.

| @logan11vincent/Instagram

Netizens have been comparing him to not only Jeno, but ASTRO‘s Eunwoo and Moonbin as well. Whether or not you can see the similarities, one thing is for sure — he’ll grow up to be very handsome!