Here’s The Kind Of Childhood ENHYPEN’s Jake Enjoyed In Australia With His Family

These are some of his fondest memories.

ENHYPEN‘s Jake was born in South Korea but moved to Australia when he was just a child.


During an interview with Weverse Magazine, he reminisced on his fondest memories in the country.

Childhood photo of Jake

The interviewer brought up the topic when they asked Jake about the days he spent cooking with his mom.

In EN-O’CLOCK you also said you’re good at figuring out how much water to put in rice because you cooked it with your mom for five years. So your daily routine was to take the vitamins your dad got for you and then cook with your mom.

— Weverse Magazine

Jake revealed that it was routine for him to cook dinner with his mom, whom he called a “fantastic cook.” Although she whipped up all kinds of food, his favorite was the Korean mixed noodles—bibimmyeon—that she made.

 In Australia, I made dinner with my mom almost every day. I thought that was the norm, so when people said I was good at cooking I was a little surprised. My mom’s a fantastic cook. She cooked me all kinds of different foods, but what I remember best is how good her bibimmyeon with meat was. The first time I ever had it was in Australia.

— Jake

Bibimmyeon | Seonkyoung Longest

Hearing that, the interviewer noted, “You must have a lot of good memories from Australia.”

Jake agreed and looked back fondly on that period in his life. He described running around with friends, climbing trees, jumping over fences, and setting up tents. It sounds like his days were filled with fun and excitement!

When I first went to Australia I would run around with my friends in a swimsuit and bare feet, climb up trees, and jump fences on my way home. I’m also familiar with setting up tents because I’ve done it so many times.

— Jake

Childhood photo of Jake

In terms of television shows, his favorite was Problematic Men. Here, guests from different companies, schools, and entertainment industries participated in interesting games to find a genius among them.

Cast of Problematic Men | tvN

Jake enjoyed answering the quizzes with his brother. He found it exciting to solve the questions together.

And do you know the show Problematic Men? My mom and my brother really like it, too, so we watched it every day and solved the questions together. They’re like quizzes—a little bit like the questions on math tests in Australia. The questions are long, and if you don’t show every step of your work, you don’t receive any marks.

— Jake

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Source: Weverse Magazine