These Childhood Pictures of NCT Dream’s Chenle Are Too Much To Handle

Photos of NCT Dream‘s Chenle from pre-debut are resurfacing on the internet, and fans have noticed how wealthy his family seems to be!

Chenle is only 15 years old, and he has already been active as an idol for 6 months, debuting with NCT Dream in the middle of August last year. Fans are pointing out that his grandfather is one of China’s top 20 biggest entrepreneurs, and evidence of that wealth can be seen in some of Chenle’s childhood photos. Chenle was an SM Entertainment trainee for only 3 months before debuting, as he was originally going to debut as a soloist in China before he signed with the company. As a member of NCT Dream, he has already earned a reputation as a very strong singer and dancer.

Check out some photos of Chenle during his childhood and pre-debut days!

Chenle is all business while at a firing range.
Chenle all dressed up, posing by a luxury Buick.
Chenle lounging on the balcony next to a beach resort.
Relaxing on the sofa in a luxurious hotel lobby.

Source: Instiz

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