Some Children Meet EXO’s Suho…And Their Conversation Is The Most Heartwarming Thing

Suho also goes in-depth about some of the lowlights and highlights in his career.

EXO has been a group for around 9 years now, so it’s been quite some time since the group debuted. A YouTube channel by the name of “ODG” had Suho as a guest, and he had a meaningful interaction with some children. Suho was first curious if they even knew who he was, and most of them didn’t.

Some of them recognized EXO’s name but didn’t know much more than that.

Suho was also shocked once he learned some of their ages. One of the children was born in 2013, which is when “Growl” was released.

Suho also had a comedic response once some of the children named their favorite artists.

The main event occurs, as Suho prepares to sing some of his solo music. He also gives a comedic response that he won’t be performing a whole song, as the children would need to pay for that on streaming sites.

The children show cute reactions and start asking some of the staff members for money.

Suho then starts giving his performance, and the children are just amazed.

They give Suho warm reactions after he finishes.

The atmosphere shifts a little bit, and the children start asking Suho some questions. One of which was how Suho came up with the name of his solo album and Suho gives a heartwarming answer.

Suho was also asked about the most memorable moment of his career, and he reveals that it was when EXO won a daesang with “Growl”.

When asked popularity, Suho reveals that it was originally nice to have all that attention. However, once he started to get more popular, that was when he started to get attacked by netizens over the smallest things. While he’s appreciative of his popularity, this was one of the things that hurt him.

Suho concludes by talking about how he wants to be remembered, and it has nothing to do with popularity.

Here is the full video below!