China Devises New Way Of Making Crosswalks Safer: Giant Sprinklers

If you try to jaywalk in Huangshi, you’ll be sprayed and shamed.

The city of Huangshi has come up with an unusual way to dissuade pedestrians from jaywalking: sprinklers!


These yellow, water-spraying bollards are part of a trial traffic safety system. The bollards are currently set up at either side of busy intersections and are connected to the local traffic system.


The bollards tell pedestrians when the traffic lights are changing using voice messages. When the light turns green, the bollards advise pedestrians to cross with care.


When the light turns red, the bollards warn pedestrians not to cross due to danger.


If a pedestrian tries to cross the street anyway, the posts will spray them with water!

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, jaywalkers will also have their photos taken by the bollard’s facial recognition technology. Each jaywalker’s image will be plastered on one of the billboards throughout the city!


Naturally, some pedestrians weren’t happy about being sprayed like a disobedient pet…


…but others had fun testing out the technology!


Are these sprinklers the solution to China’s jaywalking problem?

Source: China News
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