China’s New Trainee Idol Show Looks Exactly Like Produce 101

China recently released their own debut survival show, and people can’t help but notice it’s very similar to Produce 101.

Korean trainee survival show, Produce 101. Image Source: Korea Portal

Push Me, which sounds fairly similar to Produce 101‘s title song, “Pick Me”, is a Chinese unisex trainee survival show.

Chinese trainee survival show, Push Me;

When the contestants voted on the visual center, all the contestants held up a photo of who they were voting for, just like in Produce 101.

Contestants from both seasons 1 and 2 of Produce 101 held up photos of those they were voting for as visual center.
Contestants in Push Me voted for their visual center in the same way.

Another aspect that’s similar between the two shows is the triangular formation of the contestants’ performance of the title song.

The triangle is Produce 101’s iconic formation for their performances.
Push Me has also adopted this formation.

Push Me even used the same hidden camera prank from Produce 101, where contestants were shocked with a ghost standing behind a mirror.

A ghost would appear behind the mirror and scare the contestant sitting in front of it.
Push Me used the same hidden camera prank.

Watch the music video for Push Me below and let us know what you think.