Chinese Actor Is Gaining Attention for Looking like Lee Dong Wook and Lee Min Ki Combined

He’s only 20 years old.

A Chinese actor who goes by the name of Song Weilong is a hot topic of conversation in Korean online communities for looking like Lee Dong Wook and Lee Min Ki combined.

The posts consist of various photos of the Chinese actor looking crazy handsome.

As a young man who is only 20 years old, he’s been taking the acting industry by storm with his stunning good looks.

Whether he sports a short hairstyle or a long one that’s tied to the back, his visuals are capable of pulling off anything.

But the main point of focus is his facial characteristics.

According to online communities, he looks like Lee Dong Wook in some angles and like Lee Min Ki in others.

Nevertheless, what everyone can agree upon is just how blinding his visuals are.

Check out some more photos of Song Weilong below:

Source: Insight