Chinese Beauty Influencers Swear By Insane Hair Hack Featuring Raw Fruit Skin

Would you try it out?

A new beauty hack is taking over Chinese social media site Douyin.

Here, thousands of women enjoy posting the latest trends to improve their beauty game. This time around, they’re using a surprising makeshift tool: pomelo rinds.

The influencers cut open a single pomelo in half. They then place it round side up…on top of their heads.

The next step is where the magic begins: they tie up their hair in a ponytail around the emptied out fruit, and it acts as a tool to add volume to their hair.

The end result is jaw-dropping—one would hardly guess that fruit skin is under the voluptuous hair of these women.

Luckily for those who don’t want to risk wearing a potentially expired food on their heads, companies quickly caught on the trends and made their own version of the fruit cap. They now offer a spherical plastic that fits on their heads the same way the pomelo rind did.

This apparently addresses the concerns of netizens who commented regarding the pomelo cap: “Doesn’t this make one’s scalp itchy after some time?” and, “Wouldn’t you need to have enough hair for this hack to work in the first place?”

Source: 8Days