Chinese College Student Gained Attention For Resembling BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

She was just there to get tested for COVID-19.

A 23-year-old Chinese college student made headlines in Vietnamese media outlet YAN for looking just like BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo.

Chinese College Student | @Enndme/Weibo

The college student was simply getting tested for COVID-19 when the photos in question were taken, and they gained tons of attention on the internet.

Chinese College Student | @Enndme/Weibo

While many are comparing her visuals to Jisoo, others are just fascinated by the fact that she looks like an idol without even needing to compare her to existing stars.

  • What are the agencies doing not casting her?
  • I thought that was a photo of a celebrity getting tested for COVID-19.
  • She’s actually so beautiful.
Chinese College Student | @Enndme/Weibo

The photos taken of her getting tested COVID-19 might have been what initially boosted her fame, but her Weibo account, “Enndme”, which currently has more than 1,100,000 followers, has taken off.

Chinese College Student | @Enndme/Weibo

As a result, her fame has now spread outside of China to other countries such as Vietnam, Korea, and more. She is now a successful model and influencer in China.

Chinese College Student | @Enndme/Weibo

Does she really look like Jisoo?

Everyone’s bound to have different opinions.

But what’s for certain is that she’s beautiful in her own right regardless of who she might resemble.


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