Chinese EXO-Ls Speak Up Against SM Entertainment For Not Giving EXO Enough Promotional Activity

They specifically mentioned Sehun’s lack of individual activities.

Recently, EXO-L‘s have been tweeting with the hashtag “#sehun_needs_fair_schedules” or “#오세훈_보고싶어_오세훈_보여줘” in Korean to speak up against Sehun‘s lack of individual activities. After the hashtag gained traction, EXO-L’s couldn’t help but notice how a tweet from @OHsehunbar was deleted. Fans suspect that SM Entertainment had reported the tweet and had it brought down.

This caused fans to speak up about the lack of activities not only for Sehun, but for the rest of EXO. Many Chinese EXO-L’s have spoken up about SM Entertainment mistreating the boys.

One member who is going to enlist but doesn’t have a solo album.
One main vocalist who goes to the company to play games
One amazing idol-actor who isn’t allowed to attend the awards ceremony
One whose popularity has always been high but is given barely any resources.
One Dancing King who has been acknowledged by many – but how many chances have you given him?
One main vocalist who you finally gave a solo album after 7 years
One leader who works extremely hard to perform in musicals and even won an award who isn’t attend the ceremony and doesn’t even given any reason; the performane he worked so hard to prepare only to be taken over by someone last minute. He was scolded b so many for being disrespectful, arrogant, for having no manner. Do you have an explanation for this?
One whose popularity is always at the top; a visual who is good at singing, rapping, and everything. He released his first solo song after 7 years, yet why were there no promotions for it?

Whether it is line distributions, schedules, or promotions, the company continues to give Sehun unfair treatment. Why is that? Because he is the youngest? South Koreans also like Sehun, right? I feel very bad for Sehun!

Numerous fans have changed their profile picture to any of these photos in support of Sehun.

Many fans are disappointed with SM Entertainment but don’t appear surprised with their actions. Many fans are still hopeful that Sehun and the other EXO members will receive the activities they deserve.

@Ohsehunbar will post a new tweet at 6PM KST.