Chinese Fan Who Cursed At Lisa Writes Handwritten Apology, BLINKs still Angry

The fan who cursed at Lisa has written an apology to BLACKPINK, BLINKs and especially Lisa.

Earlier this week, a Chinese fansite was criticized when it uploaded a video in which a woman and man can be heard cursing at Lisa and mocking her in Cantonese. Now, the woman who swore at Lisa has written a heartfelt letter of apology to BLACKPINK, BLINKs and YG Entertainment.

Chinese BLINKs Curse At Lisa For “Blocking” Their View of Jennie 


The video received such negative attention that via a new Twitter account, @SorrytoLisa, the fan responsible uploaded a handwritten letter, apologizing to Lisa and taking the blame.

She explained that the man’s voice was not associated with the fansite, Double Class, but she was the one cursing Lisa.


Double Class had already posted an explanation stating the woman in the video was not associated with the fansite and was just a friend of the owner, but that the translation was misleading.


International BLINKs are divided on the apologies, with some questioning why the fan had to create a new account to issue the apology.


And others don’t believe Double Class’s explanation that the two sentences weren’t meant to be taken together.


While some BLINKs are willing to forgive and forget, since all BLINKs are united in their love for BLACKPINK.