Chinese Groom Defends Bride From Wedding Guests’ Cruelty

She broke down in tears.

The only tears a bride should cry on her wedding day are tears of joy. Sadly, that wasn’t the case for one badly treated bride.

The bride and groom. | 88RAZZI

Screenshots and anecdotes from a wedding in Jiangsu, China became a hot topic online after wedding guests were reportedly heard–by the groom, no less–laughing while making cruel comments about the bride’s weight.

The groom quickly comforted his distraught bride and shut down the guests’ inappropriate behaviour by telling them, “You are invited [to this wedding] to bless me, not to make fun of my wife.”


According to Chinese media reports, the groom went on to address the objections and rumors surrounding his nuptials. He made it clear that he loves his bride for who she is, and always will.

I love her strengths and weaknesses. Whether she is fat, thin, beautiful, or ugly, rich or poor, as long as two souls fit together, nothing else matters.

— Groom

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Source: 88RAZZI