The Chinese Idol Who Resembles Lee Kwang Soo Wants To Do The “Mosquito Dance” With Him

Who do we need to pay for this to happen?

Chinese idol C.T.O‘s Yuching, made headlines earlier this year for having an uncanny resemblance to Running Man’Lee Kwang Soo and now he has revealed that he wants to meet his doppelgänger.

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The boy group recently flew out to South Korea to film a portion of their variety program, C.T.O Project-The Survival. While in Korea, the boys of C.T.O also took some time to do a photoshoot with Star1 Magazine and it was here that they revealed some of their future goals. Member Yuching, who also goes by YC revealed his wishes to meet the famous Running Man star.

I want to meet Lee Kwang Soo sunbaenim. I feel like he is multifaceted with a lot of talents that it would be fun if we got together and danced the ‘mosquito dance’ together.

— YC

Lee Kwang Soo doing the “mosquito dance”

He also revealed some other dreams he has in regards to his career and promoting in Korea.

If an opportunity presented itself, I would want to go on as many Korean variety programs as I can.

— YC

The members also revealed that one their future goals would be to hold a solo concert for all their fans in Korea. They also shared that they would love to experience an audition program in Korea to try new challenges.

We hope to see the boys of C.T.O promoting in Korea soon. Meanwhile, the boy group’s new reality program C.T.O Project-The Survival is set to premiere sometime in December so be sure to check that out.

Source: Insight