Meet The Chinese Influencer Who’s Gaining Attention For Her Incredible Resemblance To Red Velvet’s Joy

Seriously, one of these is NOT Red Velvet’s Joy!

This Chinese influencer is gaining attention for her incredible resemblance to Red Velvet‘s Joy!

| @Bell Jun___/Weibo

It was her post on Douyin (a Chinese version of TikTok) that made people do a double-take! Dressed up in the same attire as Joy in her “Mood Sampler” for recent solo “Hello,” it’s hard not to mix up the two.

From the cute makeup to her retro outfit, she absolutely captured Joy’s look perfectly. Not only is her visuals similar to Joy, but she also has the same bright aurora that Joy has!

Just check out these amazing visual similarities!

Red Velvet’s Joy | @RVsmtown/Twitter

Under her post, many users commented they actually thought it was a post from Joy herself! Others expressed their shock at the uncanny resemblance.

  • Oh my god!! So similar!!
  • Too alike, too alike.
  • exactly the same….👍
  • Help, I saw Joy again and I thought it was my mèimei’s (younger sister) new video.

While many speculated that it may just be her makeup that allows her to look like Joy, many have mentioned how she resembles Joy even with a bare face! As an influencer and makeup guru, she often posts videos of makeup tutorials and also videos focused on fashion. In her makeup tutorials, she starts out with a bare face and there are definitely some visual similarities between her and Joy!

| Bell Jun___/bilibili
  • Whooaaa she already looks like joy without the makeup
  • I thought they were the same person 😳 They both are natural beauties

On her BiliBili (a Chinese video-sharing website) account, she has many tutorials that solely focus on how to recreate several of Joy’s iconic looks!

| Bell Jun___/bilibili

Many other users have also mentioned how she looks like Suzy as well!

| Suzy in “Vagabond” | SBS
@Bell Jun___/Weibo

Does she look like Red Velvet’s Joy and Suzy?

Source: Bell Jun___

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