Chinese Man Becomes Completely Paralyzed After Playing Mobile Games For 2 Days Straight

A young man in China was so addicted to his mobile game that he became paralyzed from bad posture.

Health care experts have continually warned that looking down at your phones in an unnatural position could potentially cause adverse effects in the body.

A 29-year-old Chinese man wanted to get ahead in his online games so that he decided to play on his cell phone for two days straight.

On the third day, he suddenly realized that he was paralyzed from the neck down and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Source: Youtube

MRI and several other tests revealed that there were blood clots in his cervical spinal tube that were pressing against his spinal cord, which ultimately led to the paralysis.

Source: Sohu

The orthopedic surgeons were able to remove his blood clots, and the man was thankfully able to move again.

But he learned a great lesson from his misfortunes and will most likely take better care of his time and choice of hobby!

Source: World of buzz