Chinese Man Left His Genitals Stuck In A Metal Ring For Months, Fire Department Called In For Help

This is one of the rarest medical cases in the world.

A Chinese man in his 70s is making headlines after his sexual experiment backfired miserably.

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The elderly man lost a portion of his penis after he left a 2-centimeter thick metal ring stuck at the base of his genitalia for six months. Apparently, the ring didn’t cause any physical pain until a bout of pain hit him suddenly after months, and that’s when he sought medical assistance at the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University.

The incident was shared by doctors in the Asian Journal of Surgery, keeping the man anonymous. According to the medical professionals, when the elderly man came looking for help, his member was significantly swollen, and they also detected ulcers on the surrounding skin. According to the patient, he never faced any difficulty while urinating.

The doctors at Xiangya tried to cut the ring using everyday tools but failed. So, the fire brigade was called in for help. The doctors tried to get rid of the ring using their professional heavy wire cutter, but it didn’t work either. Finally, the medics removed the ring using a circular saw (used to cut through metals) and another heavy-duty equipment.

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During the process, the medical team maintained all precautions, spraying the patient’s genitals with water to fight off the large amount of heat produced by the saw’s friction. But by the time the ring came off, it was too late to save the entirety of his penis. Doctors had to remove the dead tissue at the base of his member, caused by the lack of proper blood flow for months.

It took around a week for the patient to recover from the swelling, following which he was prescribed antibiotics. Two months later, his follow-up appointment saw complete recovery, with the man urinating properly again.

The incident is one of the very few reported cases of penile strangulation in the world. The term refers to a medical emergency where an object or a body part starts to block the blood supply to the penis. It was first logged in medical literature in 1775, and since then, less than 100 official cases have been reported.

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