This Chinese University Professor Gained Attention For Looking Just Like BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Students are standing outside her classroom to get a look at her!

A university professor in Chongqing, China, has students lining up to take her class because of her resemblance to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa. | @larideordie/Twitter

The professor, Miss Tang, who teaches history at the Chongqing College of Mobile Telecommunications, has gone viral on Weibo for her striking resemblance to the Thai idol!

Miss Tang. | 饭圈杂谈/Weibo

Students are reportedly lining up to get a seat in her classes, and some have even taken to standing outside her classroom doors to get a look at her!

Miss Tang. | 饭圈杂谈/Weibo

Miss Tang, however, is surprised at the attention she is receiving and is not keen on being in the limelight. She has asked her friends and peers to refrain from sharing any further information about her.

“I didn’t expect that the pictures would go viral,” she posted on one of her social media platforms, after her students shared them online.

Lisa (left) and Miss Tang (right). | Love Addictedly & 饭圈杂谈/Weibo

Thankfully her requests seem to have been respected, as there is no other information about Miss Tang circulating the internet even though netizens are desperate to know more.


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