Cho Seungyoun Reveals His Unique Yet Adorable Sleeping Habits

He has the cutest sleeping habits!

Cho Seungyoun reveals some of his unique and adorable sleeping habits that will surely make you find him cuter!

He recently had an interview with Allure Korea where he answers TMI questions from fans. One fan asked him what his sleeping posture is, and he answered without hesitations and answering what sleeping position he feels most comfortable with.

I place a pillow between my shoulder and my head. That posture helps me sleep the most.

He went on to share that he sleeps on his side often, and especially does so when his back or neck hurts. He also goes into detail and shares that he places a towel on his back and places his hands on his stomach.

When asked if he had a favorite pillow, he instead said that he had a favorite blanket.

I do have a favorite blanket. It has the word “Okja” written on it. The color is emerald and it’s cotton on the inside. It’s cool on the outside and warm on the inside.

He even went on to further share his adorable sleeping habits and admitted he ripped a part of his favorite blanket because of it, and had to sew it on his own!

I have a habit of tickling my hands with the tip of the blanket. So that part got all worn out. I had to mend it myself. I still have that blanket now.

Seungyoun’s cute habit of tickling his blanket, and his other adorable sleeping habits make him feel look like a little kid, but he even sewed his own blanket which shows just how responsible he is!

Watch the full video here:



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