Meet Choi Hyo Ju, A Rookie Actress That Was An Ex-SM Entertainment Trainee

Her visuals are out of this world.

The K-Pop trainee system is highly cutthroat, with many trainees never making it to debut. Fortunately, some of them were still given a chance to remain in the entertainment industry. One of such lucky cases includes Choi Hyo Ju, an ex-SM Entertainment trainee who’s now an actress! Get to know more about this beauty here.

1. She’s born in 1999

| @hyozuzu/Instagram

She’s 22 years young internationally.

2. She’s tall

| @hyozuzu/Instagram

She might look delicate just from her flawless facial features alone, but don’t let that fool you. She’s 170cm tall and counting.

3. She trained for a short time

| @hyozuzu/Instagram

There were rumors that she trained at the company from 2016 to early January 2020, but it was confirmed personally through her socials that she only trained for a short period of time. The exact period was never revealed by her. She claims she left as the idol life did not suit her.

4. She’s an actress now

She signed with Namoo Actors, home to famous names such as Song Kang and Park Min Young. Even Seohyun, her senior from SM Entertainment is signed with them.

| @hyozuzu/Instagram

5. She modeled for various brands

She’s been modeling for various brands including LG Home+ and Deen, a wedding service. The pictorial can be seen below.

| @hyozuzu/Instagram
| @hyozuzu/Instagram

6. She’s smart

She attended Dongduk Women’s University with a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment.

Catch more of her at her Instagram, @hyozuzu.

Source: theqoo