Choi Yena References Her Iconic Move From IZ*ONE’s “Panorama” During Her Solo Debut, And Now We’re Soft

Did you notice it?

Choi Yena may now be pursuing a solo career but she still remembers her past as an IZ*ONE member!

Choi Yena | @yena.jigumina/Instagram
IZ*ONE | @official_izone/Instagram

She recently made her solo debut on January 17 with the song “SMILEY.” It’s a bubbly and upbeat track that matches her positive personality and shows off her vocal talent.

When she performed on stage, she didn’t forget to pay homage to her roots. If you look closely at her debut stage on Show Champion, you’d notice Yena slipping in a recognizable dance move towards the end of her stage.

Do you recognize it? It was none other than the raised arm choreography from “Panorama.”

Yena’s line was the memorable “Nunbusin spotlight” from the chorus after the bridge.

WIZ*ONEs immediately noticed the sly detail and poured out their emotions online. They praised her stage and expressed their love for how she mentioned her former group as well.

Check out her full “SMILEY” performance below.

Source: YouTube