Choreographers Dish On BTS Jungkook’s Work Ethic for “Dreamers” Performance

“Some artists are very hard to work with. And Jungkook was the total opposite.”

BTS‘s Jungkook has once again left a lasting impression, this time on the choreographers who had the opportunity to work with him for the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup song “Dreamers.” Carla and Fiorella, two of the talented choreographers from the dance studio, recently shared their incredible experience working alongside the golden maknae.

In an interview with, the duo couldn’t help but praise Jungkook’s remarkable work ethic and undeniable talent.

Carla, who was captivated by Jungkook’s humbleness, professionalism, and quick learning abilities, described him as a breath of fresh air compared to other artists. From the moment they met, it was clear that Jungkook was fully committed to the project and eager to perfect his performance.

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The choreographer shared she regretted the limited time they had to teach him the entire dance routine, as she believed he was an outstanding dancer and would have loved to work more with him.

He’s very professional & a quick learner. Some artists are very hard to work with. And Jungkook was the total opposite.

— Carla

Fiorella, who met Jungkook on the bustling first day of shooting at the open market known as the souk, couldn’t help but admire his love for what he does. Fiorella highlighted Jungkook’s dedication to learning every move and ensuring that everything was executed flawlessly. Beyond his talent, Fiorella was especially impressed by Jungkook’s kindness and humility.


Despite his tremendous fame and passionate fanbase, he greeted everyone on set, from crew members to fellow dancers. This down-to-earth demeanor was a rare quality that Fiorella cherished, making the experience of working with Jungkook even more enjoyable and memorable.

One thing I really appreciated about him that despite all his fame and fanbase, he’s still very much humble and you don’t necessarily see that all the time.

— Fiorella

“Dreamers” was released on November 20 last year, right before the World Cup football tournament started, and it was an immediate hit. The song and Jungkook’s incredible performance during the opening ceremony received praise from not only K-Pop fans but also football lovers all over the world.

The legacy of “Dreamers” extends beyond its release, thanks to the creative synergy between Jungkook and the choreographers. The powerful impact of their collaboration serves as a testament to the unwavering talent and artistry of both BTS and the remarkable individuals behind the scenes. Together, they have created an anthem that embodies the spirit of unity, dreams, and celebration, making it an unforgettable addition to the FIFA World Cup legacy.