Chris Evans’ Undying Love for Bong Joon Ho Resurfaces in Light of “Parasite’s” Oscar Win

Chris Evans was a huge fan way before “Parasite” took the world by storm.

Bong Joon Ho‘s Parasite just made Korean history by winning the Oscars, and as a result, actor Chris Evans‘ past remarks made about his love for Bong Joon Ho has resurfaced in online communities.

Back in 2013, Bong Joon Ho directed a film called Snowpiercer, in which Chris Evans starred in as a character named Curtis.

After working with Bong Joon Ho, Chris Evans spoke in an interview in Korea where he expressed how much of a fan he was of Bong Joon Ho.

Bong Joon Ho is the best director in the world. I was actually hoping other actors wouldn’t find out about Director Bong Joon Ho.

– Chris Evans

And just last year, Chris Evans expressed his love for Bong Joon Ho once more when he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

On a clip of Bong Joon Ho revealing that he was hungry during the Cannes Film Festival, Chris Evans wrote a loving comment.

It’s impossible not to love this guy.

– Chris Evans

Fans who just learned about Chris Evans’ undying love for Bong Joon Ho are responding with comments such as “He must be sad now that everyone else knows about him“, “I hope they work on another movie in the future“, and “The best director with the best actor“.


Congratulations to the cast and crew of Parasite for making Korean history at the Oscars!

Source: Insight