Chung Ha Shares Which Fashion Trends She Loves And Her Favorite Type Of Clothing

She can pull off anything, though!

In an episode of “Drip Or Drop” with Cosmopolitan, Chung Ha dished on which fashion trends she loves–and which ones she would avoid!

Chung Ha is known for her stylish outfits, both on- and off-stage, but could you have guessed that neon street fashion was a no-go for her? Well, now you know!

“It’s too much for me,” she said, making a face to express her dislike for it!

She also said no to dress layering, stating that she doesn’t wear dresses that often.

However, some fashion trends she did like were all-white outfits, baggy jeans and classic tailoring!

She then talked about her personal fashion preferences, saying that she liked to be comfortable over anything else. She picked shorts over skirts, and sweatpants over jeans!

I usually love to wear something that’s really comfortable. I’m always on practice so I always wear tennis shoes and sweatpants, shirts… Simple is best!

–Chung Ha

Let’s be real, Chung Ha can pull off any type of clothing–and look amazing in it!

You can watch her pick between clothing and fashion trends in the video below.

Source: YouTube