CHUNG HA Revealed Who Her Idol Friends Are And Where She’d Like To Tour

She shared a lot of cool things.

Following in MAMAMOO Solar‘s footsteps in revealing what’s on her phone, CHUNG HA also took time out of her day to give fans a sneak peek of what’s on her mobile device.

When asked if she takes a lot of selfies, she shares that, yes, she does, but they’re for her fans.

As for the oldest video on her phone? It’s a dance practice video!

Just like a video to remind ourselves of what we did.


Her most recent video is of her doggie Bambi!

Because literally everyone loves dogs, the producer of the video asked to see more photos of Bambi, and CHUNG HA delivered.

She also shared that she walks Bambi whenever the weather is good, however, not so often in the winter, so she feels bad for her.

When asked about whether she had any photos after her win for “Gotta Go!” she said that she did, but since her photos are for her fans anyway, they’ve already seen it.

While she and her staff didn’t celebrate her win right away, they eventually did party on their own.

Since all the photos of her on her phone have likely been seen by fans, the interviewer switched it up by asking what her most recent photo of someone else was.

Sweetly, she revealed that her most recent photo of someone else was a picture of one of her dancers at a party they threw to celebrate her birthday.

Because she spent so many years, including her high school years, with her dancers, she is very close to them.

It goes without saying that CHUNG HA has idol friends, and thanks to this video we get to see special photos of her with her idol friends, including Gugudan‘s Mina!

Her most used app on her phone is Netflix (relatable), but although she loves watching movies, she doesn’t have as much time to watch them as she’d like…

… Although, she did reveal that she watched Kingdom and is currently waiting for season 2!

One of the reasons she loved Kingdom so much? The zombies. Apparently, CHUNG HA loves zombies!

Good news for US fans, she also shared that if she could tour anywhere, she’d want to go to Texas!

That is, of course, because she spent her childhood in Texas!

She hasn’t been back to the Lonestar state in about ten years, so, she shared, it would mean a lot to her to be able to visit.

Even better news if you happened to go to elementary school with her because she’d love for her childhood friends to come to see her concert.

When asked about what her most memorable picture was, she shared a photo of her, her mom, and Bambi together on the day of her fan meet event.

This is important, not just because the photos are so memorable to her, but because it’s the first time she ever shared a photo of her with her mom with her fans!! (Aww!)

Finally, when asked to record a message for her fans, this is what CHUNG HA had to say:

To my fans overseas, I really miss you guys. I wish I had more chances to go visit where you are and have a great time… Love you!


That was pretty cool, right? Was that more or less what you expected to be on CHUNG HA’s phone, or were you expecting something different? It seems like CHUNG HA is very close with her fans and doesn’t hold back from sharing her life with them!