Chungha Reveals She Binges This Scary Netflix Show To Keep Herself Awake

This show will definitely make it hard to fall asleep.

CHUNG HA may be busy promoting her new single “Snapping” and Flourishing mini album, but she still makes time to unwind with a little Netflix binging. In an interview with hello82, she revealed that Netflix is her most used app on her phone, but regrettably she doesn’t watch much of it because she falls asleep.

CHUNG HA found the perfect method to remedy this: watch something to get the adrenaline pumping! Her show of choice is Netflix’s hugely popular original show Kingdom.

It’s no surprise that CHUNG HA isn’t able to fall alseep while watching Kingdom – it’s chock full of enough terrifying zombies, gore, and suspense to keep anyone’s eyes wide open.


Fans online either found CHUNG HA’s favorite show completely relatable or headed straight to Netflix to start binging themselves.

She was like I watched kingdom

Me: (go to Netflix)

– YouTube: Meme Ono

Watch CHUNG HA’s full interview with hello82 below: