Why Chungha Caught MORE VISION’s Eye, According To Founder Jay Park

“…That is why we made a proposal.”

Soloist Chungha officially joined Jay Park‘s label MORE VISION in October 2023 after it was confirmed in March 2023 that she had left her longtime agency, MNH Entertainment.

Chungha | @chungha.art/Instagram

Chungha opened up about her decision to join MORE VISION in an interview with LACHICA‘s Gabee on her talk show Gabee’s Rising Star in October 2023.

During the interview, she revealed that in her eight-year-long career, she felt people had begun filtering their opinions around her, and she hoped to join a company that would act like a “pacemaker” for her.

Recently, Chungha sat down with Jay Park, who gave fans insight into MORE VISION’s perspective and why they decided to approach the talented artist.

Chungha (left) and Jay Park (right) | JAY PARK/YouTube

Jay Park revealed that people felt Chungha would be a good fit for his company due to her incredible talents as a singer and dancer, but he was also drawn to the fact that she was able to perform in multiple languages thanks to her fluency in Korean and English.

She also took Spanish lessons and released music in Spanish after noting she had been interested in the language since she was in school in Dallas, Texas.

Jay Park shared that “considering those aspects,” he and MORE VISION thought that they would work really well with Chungha.

The company then decided to send her a proposal, and Chungha found it to be a mutually beneficial decision to sign with the label.

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Why Chungha Decided To Join Jay Park’s Label MORE VISION

Source: Billboard and YouTube