Chungha Showered DIA With Lots Of Love, Support, And Pizza When They Made Their Comeback

Chungha shared some serious love for her friends:

To show her love and support for DIA, Chungha (also known as CHUNG HA) has been sending them lots of love…and pizza!

DIA just made their highly-anticipated comeback as a unit with members Huihyeon, Yebin, Jueun, Eunchae, and Eunice on June 10 with the release of their 6th mini-album Flower 4 Seasons and their title track “Hug U”.

Chungha first became close with DIA after she, Huihyeon, and Chaeyeon were on Produce 101 in 2016 and later, she and Chaeyeon debuted in I.O.I. Being so close, of course Chungha made sure to share some serious love for her friends.

On June 13, Huihyeon shared a couple of photos she had snapped with Chungha. In the caption, she revealed that Chungha had not only come to cheer them on but had also brought them pizza!

She brought us pizza. Thank you for coming to cheer us on.

— Huihyeon

Chungha not only went to cheer DIA on and give them pizza, but she also shared even more love for them, as well as Cosmic Girls and Heize who also recently released music, on her Instagram stories.

Chungha and Huihyeon’s posts have been warming everyone’s heart and it’s easy to see why! You’ve got to love a queen supporting her fellow queens!

You can check out DIA’s “Hug U” below: